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Healing Hearts is more than just a community; it's a warm, welcoming embrace for individuals navigating the challenging journey of grief. In this close-knit online space, we come together to provide solace, understanding, and guidance. We're a support network, a place to share stories, and most importantly, a source of hope. Grief is hard and can often leave us feeling alone and isolated. You don't have to do it alone. Join us today!

Three Paths to Join Our Supportive Community: Find the One That's Right for You

Enroll in Group Grief Programs, Private Coaching, or Our Exclusive Membership for Compassionate Connection and Healing

  • Become a Member: Access Our Comprehensive Grief Support Resources

    Join our community through Membership Enrollment and gain access to an extensive range of resources tailored for your grief journey.

  • Heal Together: Join Our Group Grief Program

    Our Group Grief Program offers a supportive, communal space where you can share experiences, find mutual support, and grow together. Guided by expert coaching, these sessions are designed to foster a sense of belonging and collective healing.

  • Tailored Support: Private Grief Coaching Sessions

    For a more personalized approach, our Private Grief Coaching offers confidential and nurturing one-on-one sessions that focus on your unique experiences and healing process.

Your Journey, Your Choice: Diverse Support Types to Meet Your Needs

Whether you're seeking an affordable option or craving that one-on-one attention, I've got you covered. Choose from a Self-Guided Course for independent learning, my Group Coaching Program to share experiences, or opt for my coveted One-on-One Coaching for personalized guidance. Not sure yet? Enroll in our community membership today! There's something here for everyone, each at its own price point. Your journey toward healing starts with the support that's just right for you.

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Empower Your Future by Transforming Your Life

  • Shared Burden of Grief

    Have you ever felt the isolation that comes with grief? Healing Hearts Community offers a safe, nurturing space to share your grief with others to help ease the burden of grief.

  • Guidance Through the Healing Process

    Navigating the mix of emotions that arise from loss can be overwhelming. Having structured guidance can help to identify coping strategies that work for the individual.

  • Rebuilding and Embracing Life After Loss

    Healing Hearts online courses, coaching and community can help in reimagining a future that includes joy, purpose, and connection, even in the absence of a loved one.

Meet Your Compassionate Coach

Your Guide Through the Journey of Healing

Terri Chaplin

Master Grief Coach

Hi, I'm Terri, your guide on this transformative journey from grief to growth. Having navigated the dark waters of loss myself, I understand the pain, isolation, and emotional chaos that can ensue. It's a journey no one should walk alone. That is what led me to become a grief coach—to offer a compassionate, nurturing hand to those enduring the unimaginable. Based in Tampa, Florida, I've dedicated my life to educating the world about the effects of grief and crafting strategies to best support those who are mourning a loss. My mission is to help you heal, thrive, and embrace life after loss, all while creating a supportive environment where you can work at your own pace. Together, we'll turn your grief into a catalyst for growth and transformation, ensuring you're not just surviving, but truly living.

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